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Circuit Training 

Feel the burn and get fit fast!


 This dynamic workout pumps your heart rate and sculpts your body with an electrifying mix of high-intensity intervals, metabolic conditioning, and slow-burn strength moves.


You'll maximise calorie burn while our expert trainers guide you through each exercise with a laser focus on proper form.


The energy is contagious when you train in a pack, pushing each other to new heights while having a total blast.

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit Training delivers it all: insane cardio conditioning, muscle toning, and a serious dose of fun with your crew. We use weights each session and you will learn the importance of control and correct technique. You'll leave buzzing with energy and accomplishment after each session! This is fitness unleashed - heart pounding, muscle burning, life-changing. Join the party and transform yourself at Circuit Training! 

Circuit Classes





10.15 – 11.00

09.15 - 10.00 

18.15 - 19.00

19.15 - 20.00

Book Your Spot

  • Variety of exercises with a HIIT and Metcon style

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

    45 min

    9 British pounds
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