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Our Classes

We are proud to offer a variety of classes suitable for any age group and fitness abilities


FOGA skilfully blends the best of pilates, yoga and gymnastics to give you a full-body workout that builds core strength and flexibility while melting away stress and tension. 


This dynamic workout pumps up your heart rate and sculpts your body with an electrifying mix of high-intensity intervals, metabolic conditioning, and slow-burn strength moves. 


Together, we'll align your form to prevent injury and maximise results. Your cardio and strength will skyrocket with our targeted training.

Upbeat Dance Class

Elevate your heart rate and enhance your endurance, making every session a journey to a healthier heart. With every dance move, gain improved agility and coordination, transforming your body into a harmonious blend of strength and grace.


Pilates is unique in that you will perform lots of small, controlled movements that may not appear to be challenging initially. But by executing these movements correctly and repeatedly your body will feel challenged, it will stabilise and soon feel strong in a very safe way.

Boxing Coach

Boxing provides a holistic approach to fitness, combining cardiovascular exercise with strength training.

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