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 At Esteem Sport and Fitness, Holly focuses on creating a supportive and welcoming environment for clients of all levels. We believe that the slower pace and concentration required in Pilates help you connect with your body, improve your movement patterns and reduce stress. Pilates not only helps you physically but also mentally and socially.

What to expect in a pilates session?

Pilates is unique in that you will perform lots of small, controlled movements that may not appear to be challenging initially. But by executing these movements correctly and repeatedly your body will feel challenged, it will stabilise and soon feel strong in a very safe way. Pilates focuses on the spine and core muscle group aiming to build flexibility and strength through these low impact movements. 


Pilates is suitable for most people regardless of fitness levels or age. I have clients ranging from 20 years old to 82 years old. Pilates will help you to be more mobile in your every day life, it can help to improve your balance, your posture, alignment, rehabilitate from pain and injury. 

Pilates is suitable not only as a stand alone exercise but also as an addition to your main sporting discipline. I have had athletes perform better with running, cycling, skiing and swimming due to the addition of Pilates. 

Regardless of your fitness level or your ability (beginner to advanced level) Pilates offers something for everyone. You will leave feeling stretched and in almost every case, a smile on your face. 

Pilates Classes

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With Holly

Holly, from Pure Pilates, was initially drawn to Pilates for its numerous benefits, including improved strength, flexibility and posture. After a back injury in 2008, not only did Pilates help her recover, but it also helped her prevent further injuries. In 2015, with a baby in tow, Holly decided to become a Pilates instructor herself to share these benefits with others.
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