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  • Open Gym sessions

    After you have had your induction you are free to use the gym at the current opening times. Please make sure you book your sessions before arrival so I know you are coming. You are welcome to stay as long as you like if the gym isn't busy.

  • Personal Training

    One to one coaching to help develop your training needs, from improving general fitness to more specific strength training. Individual programmes, keeping records, constant communication with your coach to help build a good rapport to ensure we are always progressing.

  • Small Group PT

    It can be intimidating exercising in front of others but arguably this is the biggest benefit of group personal training. It is not only beneficial for your physical wellbeing but it also plays a big role in how you find motivation and desire to exercise.

  • Circuit Training

    Suited for all levels, this is a workout you can do at your own pace! A great pulse raiser, improving cardio and strength. From Bodyweight exercises to resistance training. You get from this workout what you put in! Great fun and Great atmosphere!

  • FOGA

    This is a new found love that I have created! If you're not a lover of cardio workouts then this is for you. Full body workouts concentrating on strengthening your core & improving your flexibility. To attain this you need good mobility, strength and stability. We work on it all from body weight exercises to many forms of resistance exercises. You could say it uses elements of Yoga & Pilates but its main content is basic gymnastics conditioning and flexibility skills.

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