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Circuit Training

Feel the burn and get fit fast with our exhilarating Circuit Training! 

Circuit Training delivers it all: insane cardio conditioning, muscle toning, and a serious dose of fun with your crew. You'll leave buzzing with energy and accomplishment after each session! This is fitness unleashed - heart pounding, muscle burning, life-changing. 


Are you tired of the same old workout routine that leaves your body feeling stiff and sore? 

FOGA skilfully blends the best of pilates, yoga and gymnastics to give you a full-body workout that builds core strength and flexibility while melting away stress and tension. 

Personal Training

Achieve your fitness dreams with us as your guide. Our customised plans help you reach your goals, whether you're just starting out or training for the pros.

Together, we'll align your form to prevent injury and maximise results. Your cardio and strength will skyrocket with our targeted training 

Sport Specific Training

Maximise Performance: Our programs are designed to address the specific demands of your sport, whether it's the explosive power of a sprinter, the endurance of a distance runner, or the agility of a soccer player.

We'll help you train the skills and build the fitness that matters most for your success.


Want to get motivated and stay motivated to exercise? We've got you covered.

At Esteem Fitness our diverse class schedule makes it easy to find something you love - pilates, strength training, boxing or more. Working out with a personal coach or in a group provides awesome social, mental, and physical benefits.

We're passionate about partnering with you to help you understand why exercise matters. It's not just about looking good - regular workouts make you happier, stronger, more energetic and reduce your risk of chronic diseases. Moving your body helps ease pain, improves cardio, builds strength and flexibility and promotes better sleep. Exercise is self-care for both your mind and body.
Whatever your fitness goals we want to help you crush them. If you're curious to learn more about our classes or personal training sessions give our expert Mel a call. She'll be thrilled to guide you towards better health and a stronger you. Don't just dream about it - let's get you motivated and moving!

Mel Wade



  • Working alongside others has scientifically been proven beneficial. A ...

    Mon, Tue, Fri

    45 min

    25 British pounds
  • Flexibility Of Gymnastics Ability

    Tue, Wed, Thu

    45 min

    12 British pounds
  • Variety of exercises with a HIIT and Metcon style

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

    45 min

    9 British pounds
  • Personalised programmes tailored to achieve your specific goals. Ema...

    45 British pounds

What our clients say


Training with Mel has given me the motivation I needed to re-engage with exercise and fitness. The classes are well organised and Mel demonstrates the circuits well. You can work to your own level with options to increase or reduce the intensity. After a long break in any sort of high intensity exercise this has been a great way to begin to gain enjoyment and benefit from exercise again.”

Meet the Team

At Esteem Fitness, our diverse class schedule and friendly instructors make it easy to find something you love - pilates, strength training, boxing, or more.


Woodford Halse, Unit 3b, Manor Business Park, Grants Hill Way, NN11 3UB

07795 185365

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